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Read these blogs about travelling. Make your own lists ov words and expressions. Nerd´s eye view Adventure Granturismo Writing through Fog Lonely Planet  Useful expressions to use in your writings Think about your UK trip and write an anecdote using … Continue reading

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Summer Farm by Norman Maccaig

Read about the author of the poem Read about EM, the writer of “Horses” Can you find any similarities between them? Read the poem Summer Farm  Straws like tame lightnings lie about the grass And hang zigzag on hedges. Green as … Continue reading

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Your presentations on poems!

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Having a Word (by Benjamin Zephaniah)

Having a Word I have learnt that equality May not mean freedom, And freedom May not mean liberation, You can vote my friend And have no democracy. Being together dear neighbour May not mean unity, Your oppressors may give you … Continue reading

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Summer Farm

Watch the video and work on the activities Video: Read this analysis of the poem: This theme of identity is strengthened through the use of parallelism, metaphor and imagery:  Beginning poet is listless, just observing the farm (st. … Continue reading

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1) Read about the writer of the story 2) Read the story (a file with vocabulary can be found here) 3) Post-Reading activities

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